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Come to the 11th Annual Prickly Pear Festival in Superior!

Celebrate the Incredible, Edible Desert on August 20, 2022

The information on this blog is from the official Prickly Pear Festival website. Visit it for original and most up to date information or to get in touch with the festival organizers

When we first heard about the Prickly Pear Festival in Superior we thought it was such a unique idea to have a whole festival centered around the prickly pear. Grown abundantly in the desert surrounding Superior, the deep red fruits ripen in August and September. A fun variety of culinary treats can be made with the fruits.

The 2022 Prickly Pear Festival will be on August 20, 2022 and is free to attend. This celebration of the incredible, edible desert is now in its 11th year, and includes a variety of activities, such as: prickly pear foraging in the desert (no permit required!), a pancake breakfast (with prickly pear syrup, of course), guest speakers and demos at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, and a desert dining experience (limited tickets available). Plus, local restaurants will be serving specialty prickly pear treats and eats, like prickly pear ice cream, margaritas, barbecue sauce and more! Don’t miss this educational and fun event in the iconic town of Superior.

History of the Prickly Pear Festival

The Prickly Pear Festival originated several years ago when organizers at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum (BTA) - a world-class botanical garden located just 3 mi. east of Superior on U.S. 60, began showcasing the many uses and health benefits of prickly pear fruit! (‘Tuna') The folks at the BTA had been giving classes and lectures on properly foraging, preparing and enjoying the prickly pear fruit. Attendance and interest were so overwhelming that the idea of an entire collaborative event with the botanical garden and the town of Superior could be possible, and so in 2012 they had their first Prickly Pear Festival!

Attendance was beyond expectations and a very large interest and desire for more than just information about the prickly pear was recognized. What they saw was a growing proactive community that expands far past Superior, wanting to know more about sustainable living, gardening, homeopathy, food education, foraging, alternative food options, plant medicine, permaculture, regenerative design and overall health and wellness.

Every year the event has expanded and evolved to cater to these interests and every year the attendance grows even larger.

It is clear that there is a very large and growing community that is hungry to learn more and engage in these fields of interest!

Each year they have added more to the event, such as performers, food & retail vendors, food trucks, historians, art galleries, youth components, guest speakers as well as annual favorites such as a beer making class, pancake breakfast, demos, Prickly Pear refreshments at the "Cactus Lounge" and of course live entertainment.

Schedule of Events

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Enjoy a laid back Saturday in Superior with a day dedicated to the prickly pear cactus. Join us on historic Main Street for vendors, shopping, restaurants and more. Plus, visit restaurants along US Hwy 60! Whether you're interested in prickly pear foraging, or drinking prickly pear margaritas - you'll find a day filled with friendly vibes, great shopping and prickly pear fun! Plus, visit the Boyce Thompson Arboretum just 5 minutes from downtown Superior to experience demonstrations, plant walks, speakers and more. The arboretum will have activities throughout the weekend for the price of admission. Schedule is subject to change please refer to for the most up to date schedule.

Free Events - Saturday

Take in the day by exploring Superior, Arizona. The Prickly Pear Festival is free to attend and you can enjoy these activities for no charge!

Pancake Breakfast with Minimum Donation 8AM - 10AM Join us at Silver King Smokehouse on Main Street in Superior for a free pancake breakfast, which includes prickly pear syrup! Donations appreciated.

Shop Unique Vendors 9AM - 5PM Visit several locations on Main Street to shop vendors for everything from pricky pear items to local art. Plus, be sure to shop local stores throughout Superior for one of a kind items and gifts.

Book Signing and Presentation of "When Silver Was King" 11AM - 12PM Author Jack San Felice will be at Bella's Marketplace and Cafe on Main Street for a book signing and presentation on his book "When Silver Was King."

Speaker Series: Chris Casillas with Regenerating Sonora - Leer Gardens 11AM - 11:45AM Join Chris Casillas with Regenerating Sonora for a talk about Leer Gardens. This talk will take place at the Chamber of Commerce building on Main Street. Speaker Series: Peggy Sue - Urban foraging 12PM - 12:45PM Join Peggy Sue for a talk about Urban foraging. This talk will take place at the Chamber of Commerce building on Main Street.

Speaker Series: Mericle Martinez - show of sustainability 1:00PM - 1:45PM Join Mericle Martinez for a show of sustainability. This talk will take place at the Chamber of Commerce building on Main Street.

Live Entertainmet at the Bruzzi Vineyard Tasting Room 1PM - 5PM Enjoy live entertainment at Bruzzi Vineyard's tasting room in Downtown Superior from 1pm-5pm. Prickly pear wine seltzers will be available for purchase.

Folklorico Dancers at the Superior Barmacy 4:30PM Join us at the Superior Barmacy for a local dance performance on the outdoor stage.

Kimomo Presents an Evening of Karaoke 5PM Bella's Cafe and Roses Roses are sponsoring and hosting an evening of karaoke, BYOB.

Julia Chacon Flamenco Performance at the Superior Barmacy 7:30PM Renowned Arizona Flamenco performer Julia Chacon will be joining us for a performance at the Superior Barmacy’s outdoor stage.

Ticketed Events - Saturday

Enhance your experience with a ticketed event taking place during the festival. These events have limited seating and an additional fee. See details below.

Prickly Pear Paint and Sip 2PM Limited seating is available for this event at Bella's Marketplace and Cafe. Cost is $40 and includes supplies. Contact Bella's for details and registration. Registration closes August 10, 2022.

Desert Dining Experience with Live Entertainment 5-7 PM Limited seating is available. Get your tickets here.

Boyce Thompson Arboretum - Saturday

Make the most of your day by experiencing the world-renowned Boyce Thompson Arboretum. For the price of admission to the arboretum, you can enjoy these activites. The Aboretum will also serve as the off-site location for Prickly Pear Featival guest speakers. Located just 5 minutes from downtown Superior.

Youth Propogation Class 7AM - 9AM

Prickly Pear Festival Speaker Series 10AM - 3PM Details coming soon

Boyce Thompson Arboretum - Sunday

Make a weekend out of it! Visit the world-renowned Boyce Thompson Arboretum on Sunday. For the price of admission to the arboretum, you can enjoy these activities. Located just 5 minutes from downtown Superior.

Prickly Pear Plant Walk 7AM Pre-registration is Required and Free with Admission. Click here to register.

Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk 7AM Pre-registration is Required and Free with Admission. Click here to register.

Prickly Pear Lemonade Demonstration 9AM Pre-registration is Required and Free with Admission. Click here to register.




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