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  • Writer's pictureSuperior, Arizona

Experience Superior: A look inside the town.

By Sara Jean

Nestled in the mountains just 70 miles from Phoenix lies a hidden gem. The rugged geography of the Apache Leap Mountains and the unmatched beauty of the Tonto National Forest surround this little historical town. Superior, Arizona has a lot to offer. Miles upon miles of hiking trails, views and sunsets that never disappoint, a rich history sure to impress even the most educated history buff and an array of shops and restaurants for every palate.

From Boyce Thompson Arboretum to the quaint and quirky little town's three historical districts, to a mailbox on top of Picketpost Mountain and Oak Flats Campground. From the World's Smallest Museum and the Magma Copper Mine, to a haunted canyon and a scavenger hunt for Apache tears....this little oasis in the Sonoran Desert has an unending supply of things to evoke wonder and adventure.


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