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Superior is in full bloom with a new tourism brand

The Town of Superior, Arizona is excited to unveil a new tourism marketing brand to increase awareness of Superior as an international bucket-list destination.

Adventure, Elevated - A peaceful feeling comes over you as you approach Superior, a proud forward-thinking community greets you as one of their own. It’s easy to breathe deeply here as you gently unwind into this colorful place. From a world-renowned living botanical museum, to a rich and long history in mining, to a budding arts and culinary scene — Superior is in full bloom. Whether you are in the mood for casual hiking and birding or a heart pumping outdoor experience you are in the right place. With a commitment to the next generation, the community here is ripe for entrepreneurs and creatives to come and make their mark. So go ahead and let your adventurous side lead you into the stunning, rugged beauty that is Superior.

The Town of Superior in partnership with the Arizona Office of Tourism’s Rural Marketing Cooperative, Local First Arizona and Dog Cat Mouse Media worked together to produce a brand that will be used to give voice to and position Superior as a premiere rural Arizona destination that offers an elevated sense of nature, adventure, community and culture. To engage and inspire travelers to discover, and become part of the community of Superior.

“We have been working vigorously to grow and sustain a diversified economy in Superior. One of our primary economic diversification strategies is to expand tourism in Superior. We are excited to launch our new brand and also assure all visitors to Superior that we take your safety seriously. We greatly appreciate the support and opportunities afforded to our rural community through the Arizona Office of Tourism and Local First Arizona. When a team of many works together as one, we can accomplish even the loftiest goals”.

Mila Besich, Mayor for the Town of Superior.

The new branding components will be incorporated into Superior’s travel and tourism communications, as well as through ongoing integrated marketing communications that include advertising, email marketing, a new website, public relations, social media and digital marketing tools. The components include:

  • A new logo

  • A tagline identifying Superior as a travel destination “Adventure, Elevated”

  • A tourism website

  • An advertising and email marketing campaign

  • Social media profiles on FB and Instagram @VisitSuperior

Using the new brand and the tagline Safety, Elevated, the Town of Superior worked with the community by inviting them to take the Superior Covid Pledge. The pledge stated; Superior’s small town, neighborly values have strengthened our community’s resolve to remain even more focused on what makes us a special community during these challenging times. Throughout our entire storied history, Superior has been a community that cares about one another - long-time multi-generational residents, as well as newcomers. As we all unite to protect ourselves, our families, and our neighbors from the ravages of the coronavirus, we are committed to adhering to the guidelines from federal and state government, and ask that our visitors and patrons do the same. #MaskUpSuperior

Look for the new website to launch later this summer to use as a tool to plan your future visit. For now, follow the social media channels as we share Superior’s interesting history, culture, beautiful landscapes, inspiration and Covid updates.



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