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ListenUp: Arizona's AI Audio App Enhances Superior's Visitor Experience

The Town of Superior is excited to announce its innovative partnership with Arizona based AI technology startup, ListenUp, introducing the first AI audio app to bring the heart and soul of Superior to life for all who visit and pass through. The city was selected among a small cohort of forward-thinking destinations with a rich history and cultural presence.

ListenUp is the first-of-its-kind audio experience, serving as a free "multilingual private tour guide" for anyone with an iPhone and a Bluetooth device.


"Partnering with ListenUp for the first community-enabled AI audio tour in Superior is a big deal! It's not just about visiting; it's about making memories that stick. We're bringing our history and local stories alive, and everyone can join in, no matter their language or accessibility needs. Get ready to discover Superior in a whole new way, anytime you want, and for everyone who wants to explore our town deeper. This tour will make your visit special and help you connect with our town's spirit, leaving you with unforgettable memories." ~

– Mila Besich, Mayor, Town of Superior

 ListenUp's geospatial audio tour transforms Superior into a captivating museum-like adventure, sharing hyperlocal tales of the city's history, lifestyle, diversity, and folklore. Unlike any other app, ListenUp's multilingual feature ensures accessibility for all, fostering an educational and entertaining experience irrespective of one's background or budget, while employing generative AI to create bespoke experiences on the fly in just about any language.

As a rural community with limited marketing resources, the city was delighted to learn how little they needed to contribute. “The AI captures stories from all over the web, then our citizens and visitors improve on those and add their own stories” said Mayor Besich, “so there isn’t much for us to do except to promote the app.” 


The app also transformed the Boyce Thompson Arboretum into a 392-acre immersive adventure, blending nature's tales with technology to create a deeper connection between visitors and the captivating botanical wonders of Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior, Arizona. 

ListenUp will be calling on all Arizona municipalities to become fully ListenUp enabled. Especially native and rural towns, for which the Arizona Office of Tourism’s cooperative program offers financial support. 


"Superior's story, marked by evolution and diverse cultural influences, is now brought to life through ListenUp, connecting visitors with its rich heritage and the tales hidden within its streets and landmarks.”

Irina Ilyinsky, Co-founder of ListenUp

Experience the perfect fusion of technology and tradition, making every corner of Superior an educational, entertaining, and inclusive adventure for everyone. Just like having a knowledgeable guide by your side, ListenUp navigates you through the city, narrating its history and cultural significance with engaging storytelling.


Everyone is encouraged to visit Superior and download the app for free on the Apple App Store to start hearing the stories exactly in the place they happened.

For more information on the app please visit





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