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U.S. Route 60 : 60 Things to do in Superior



A peaceful feeling comes over you as you approach Superior, a proud forward-thinking community greets you as one of their own. It’s easy to breathe deeply here as you gently unwind into this colorful place. From a world-renowned living botanical garden to a rich and long history in mining, to budding art and culinary scene — Superior is in full bloom.


Whether you are in the mood for casual hiking and birding or a heart-pumping outdoor experience you are in the right place. With a commitment to the next generation, the community here is ripe for entrepreneurs and creatives to come and make their mark. So go ahead and let your adventurous side lead you into the stunning, rugged beauty that is Superior.


Peace of mind through elevated experiences.

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Superior is a premier Arizona travel destination just 70 miles east of Phoenix and the same distance north of Tucson. The town is nestled in a rugged pristine mountainous setting within the Tonto National Forest at an elevation of 2,882 feet and is surrounded by peaks such as Iron Mountain at 6,056 feet. Explore the contour map below to get a feeling of the topography of Superior!

Town of Superior
199 N. Lobb Avenue​
Superior, Arizona
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